2015 Silly Season Challenge!

Oh yes, here we are at that time of year again - how does time move so fast??! It's a time of celebration, a time to unwind, a time to be with loved ones, and a time to relax with colleagues. It's also a time to imbibe...oh yes, to indulge, to drink a few more than usual, to loosen the tie (or heels!) and share a drink or two. Or three. Or...uhoh!

A few of my clients are currently battling with their wish to reduce drinking and live a life of good health versus their wish to join in, have another, and let go of the year's stresses. Sound familiar?

So I've decided to make it a bit easier for you. I've created the 2015 Silly Season Challenge. It's simple, it's inspiring, and it doesn't involve completely abstaining from alcohol! Wanna join? Here's the link to our group.

All you need to do is make a pledge, here and now, hand on heart, to space one alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic drink at every gathering you attend from now until the end of the year. That's it! 

Plus! If you join the challenge before December 15th and post 3 inspiring drink alternatives in a specially-created private facebook support group, you can win a free Discovery call plus 1 hour coaching session with me (if you're already my client, we'll just add in an extra call for you at no extra cost!)! I'll be there, giving you support along the way, and you'll also share the support of like-minded people. People who want to relax and have fun at this time of year, but don't want to over-do-it or regret the night before. 

Join the challenge here now!

Why is this a good idea...well, firstly, in all these social gatherings, part of the social contract involves plenty of conversations with a glass in your hand. It can feel awkward without one. Kind of like a smoker who doesn't know what to do with their hands when they quit. Some people chew gum or snack on carrot sticks to keep the hands occupied. So a glass in hand, alcoholic or not, will not play with your mind when at your end-of-year celebrations.

Secondly, spacing your drinks with non-alcoholic ones will obviously give you less alcohol consumption over time. There's only so much liquid you can put in your stomach at any one time. If you would normally drink five wines at a Christmas party, you will now have ten drinks if you follow the challenge. Over a two or three hour gathering, you'll be hard-pressed fitting ten drinks in! Of course, you'll have to make the call here, to keep the pace slow and steady, with the aim of drinking half the amount you would have if you weren't on the challenge. 

Thirdly, and very importantly, you'll be giving a little love to your liver! The liver sure takes a hit at this time of year, with more alcohol, more eating, and fattier foods than normal. Water, soda water, and vegetable juices all give time and nutrients to help those little liver cells do their incredible job. It also helps your kidneys filter wastes and purify your blood. Why not be a friend to your liver and kidneys and give them a break between alcoholic drinks. 

And finally, for those who want to lose weight, let me ask you, how many calories are there in a glass of wine? ...85, that's about how many! I see people slogging away at the gym on a treadmill, pushing to lose 200 or 300 calories or more on some machine. Tell me, what's the point of all that hard work?! Why not make it last??

So....who's ready for the challenge?? Join now and take the pledge to halve your alcohol consumption for the rest of 2015! See you in the facebook group for all those wishing to take on the challenge and meet your health and wellness goals - end 2015 with pride!




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