Yoga for Heart

February 10, 2015

Ok, here we have it! It is the REDFEB charity event! I am raising funds to assist Heart Research Australia with their research into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of people with all kinds of heart disease. Why? Because I have witnessed the importance of heart health first hand!

I have created a fundraising page and you can see my story on there. Basically it comes down to me being made acutely aware of heart health in the ones you love most...and now I want to share that with you, to make you more aware too!

Fundraising page:

For anyone who'd like to go to either a Bondi Yoga class or a Paddington Yoga class, email me to secure a place! Please note that the Bondi Yoga class is limited to 9 participants as the room is quite small, so if you are thinking of going to that one, do let me know so I can reserve a spot for you.

Mats are limited so please BYO to be safe.

And, as always, *please see your GP if you have any injuries or illnesses that may affect your participation in the class.*


Can't wait!!