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pregnant belly

finding out I was pregnant was the best news possible but also opened up a world of worries and anxieties I never knew existed....

Rather than moving into the famed state of "glowing calm", I suddenly started questioning everything I'd done, eaten, drunk up until that point. I started doubting my decisions about my health care, I became overwhelmed with the choices and decisions I had to make, I started wondering whether I was really fit to begin this journey and, most of all, all of my fears about labour and hospitals sprang to the surface to keep me awake at night. This is not what I expected at all!

Here I was, a meditation and stress management teacher, experiencing stress about one of the happiest events of my life. And it got me thinking, if this is how it is for me, I can't be the only one, can I? There must be other newly pregnant ladies with those same doubts, anxieties and fears that they are trying to manage while taking on this major life change.

I had a look around and found plenty of birthing courses, plenty of pregnancy yoga, and plenty of advice all over the internet. What I couldn't find was pregnancy-specific meditation and mindfulness, pure and simple. So I decided to create it.

As I started working through my own anxieties about pregnancy, I started building a portfolio of ideas, meditations and class sessions to share with other new mums in my position. I've even started writing a book on it!

Now I am still in the process of gathering all of this together, but I am looking forward to sharing it with you all by holding regular classes. So stay tuned for more info and sign up below if you want me to keep you in the loop about it!

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